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Participation of OMPO in the second international symposium on Algerian ornithology Print

The second international symposium on Algerian ornithology took place at the University of Oum El-Bouaghi near Constantine from 16 to 20 November 2012.

The symposium attracted a few hundred participants including eight foreign scientists called upon to intervene on various topics (see program).

The intervention of Patrick Triplet, representing OMPO, focused on methods of modern approach to the ecology of waterbirds in coastal areas. He illustrated his point with examples from his experience in the Bay of Somme (France) emphasizing the importance of predictive models to improve the management of disturbance or food scarcity migratory birds may have to face.

This presentation paves the way to applications in Algeria, both in coastal areas and in the large continental floodplains where waterbirds occur.

In Algeria, migratory species from Northern Europe live next to Mediterranean and even African species.

In addition to asserting the achievements of the young Algerian ornithological community, the conference had the advantage of facilitating contacts between renowned experts and junior researchers. These links are essential for the development of projects intended to establish a sustainable conservation policy at national level.

Algeria, with its 50 Ramsar sites, is trying to learn about wetlands and birds and, for this, encourages students to study them.

Thus, there is a study training center for ecologists and ornithologists in the eastern part of the country.

The assistance provided by ONCFS and Tour du Valat with regard to training in census techniques leaves the online environment open for OMPO for different aspects of training on the ecology of the species, the methodology for developing management plans ... There is no doubt that the contacts now restored after 22 years of absence from the territory of Algeria will intensify.

The first Algerian partners have also emphasized the role played by OMPO in the late 1980s and the technical support in setting up the first Algerian network of ornithologists. In addition to the training sessions on waterbird census, the equipment provided by OMPO for observers (50 pairs of binoculars and 10 telescopes, identification guides) permitted the development of ornithological activities throughout the country. Today one fully realizes the impact of this investment.